Collection: Personalized collection

We know that personalized is now in fashion, you can find it everywhere! You definitely know how it works and here it's almost the same, ALMOST. We have decided to give you something extra, because we care: choose the garment or accessory that you like best, including size and color where required, and upload the file with the photo or graphic you want to use. We will process every single request personally, improving the quality where necessary and making tests that we will send you, waiting for your confirmation (max 24 hours, don't make us wait too long!). This way you will have no surprises and you will know in advance how your gift will look: if the image is not suitable or to your liking, you can change it and we will do another test - you have 3 chances of success and we are absolutely certain they are sufficient because you leave satisfied! Only upon your confirmation will we print your project.