Who we are

We are He and She and we start this adventure at 34 and 31 (it's never too late!). We prefer to make ourselves known through the passion, originality and commitment we put into this project, to talk about ourselves through our availability and irony rather than simply describing ourselves. We want to stand out and emerge thanks to our attention to your needs and attention to detail and to involve you with our friendliness and simplicity without telling you who knows what story. But we can tell you why we chose KAIROS for our store: it is a word that identifies the 'right moment', that moment that could go from simple to memorable. In our opinion, any moment could be the right one, life itself is an opportunity not to be left to pass passively - it is a gift and we must make the best use of it, dedicating most of our time to what we like most and to people that we love most! We are here to accompany you in these special moments... but then, do we want to talk about the play on words? KAIROS- kAIRos: BREATH your passion. You noticed it, right? Air, breathe... come on, it's brilliant!